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Lake George Charter School

The little school with a HUGE heart!

Academy school

This page will tell you all the academy program rules and what time you need to be there.

Academy Rules

  • no biting
  • no saying inappropriate words
  • no fighting
  • no pushing
  • no teasing
  • no yelling
  • no calling names
  • no stealing
  • no playing games during work time
  • no looking up inappropriate stuff

    Schedule & information

    1. You must get here between 7:30 ---8:00 on Monday and Wensday you do not have to come on Tusday and Tursday. However if you do come on Tuesdays and Thursdays you can come whenever you want and leave whenever you want.

    2. You may bring a lunch however we do included school lunches.

    3. There is also Free Computers! Thats right for every year you come to Lake George Charter School Academy you will get a free computer and a year worth of great learning experience.

    4. We also would like you to take look at our staff we beleive they are the best of the best.

    5. We highly recommend this school please come on down and see if we are worth it.

    Q & A

    Q: who is elligible to be in Acadmey
    A: kids with responsibility

    Q :What is special about Academy?
    A : It's only for kids in sixth, seventh, and eighth grade

    Contact emails

    Mrs Ogden:
    Mrs summer:

    dress code: Student Handbook